How to pick a good web designer?


Are you looking for a good web designer? Looking for a web designer is not easy for some clients. However, improving and building a website is not an easy task. So you need a professional to guide you, like a web designer or a web developer. Below are just some guidelines on how to pick the right designer.

  1. The designer must know how to “design”. This is the basic character trait that a designer should have. He/She should know about how to pick the right color, aesthetics, typography, color theory,  UI/UX, and layout principles. Designers are also paid on how much effort he/she puts into it. He/She must know the current trends and designs. Whether he or she can design a brand for your site is a plus.
  2. The designer must be professional. He/She must know how to take care of the client and the client’s needs and give efforts to quality design. Professionalism and courtesy are one of the good traits of a designer could have. He/She must know how to handle well in case of problems and pitfalls during the process.
  3. Experience. All designers ideally must be paid well especially for experienced and designers. A good pay must take years of experience and professionalism. The more experience the designer is, the more he/she knows about the craft. He/She may also be knowledgeable to other platforms and latest trends.
  4. Knows how to make a website. For developing websites, he/she must know how to code at least, or knows how to work on a functional website. He/She may also know SEO and other tools to make the website more dynamic and content-driven. He/She must know the fundamentals and ideally need a lot to learn for other technologies too.
  5. Knows the deadline. A designer should know the “deadline”… so he/she can complete the project where he/she can be efficient and effective.

So there’s the basic list on how to picking a good web designer and developer. Hope you get the idea on how to get a good web designer. 🙂

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